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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sean Barrows, Shawn Barrows, Shaun Barrows, etc.

My name is often misspelled and thus hard to find online. Common misspellings:

Sean Barrows,
Shaun Barrows,
Shawn Barrows,

I'm writing this blog to make it easier for people to find my websites:

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I hope this helps people find my websites when they're searching for it online!


♥Tisha♥ said...

What a great surprise to find you here! Have been watching for your AI audition. Our one regret of last year was not making it to your concert due to bad weather. We will not make the mistake next time!

Mamma Bean and her Lil Beanstock said...

I went to see you perform at the Tahitian Noni Center not too long ago with Mike Barclay and remember you played an AMAZING song for a james bond musical movie?? I couldn't help but laugh when you told the story of breaking the last keyboard you played that song on. It was purely amazing! Just wondering when are you going to release that song?? I would love to purchase it!