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Monday, December 14, 2009

2010 Tour Schedule

I'll keep updating this as we finalize the tour for 2010:

Feb. 5th--Vancouver, BC. Venue: Raw Canvas
Feb. 6th--Kirkland, WA. Venue: Kirkland Performing Arts Center. Tickets on sale:
Buy Tickets

Feb. 12th--Murray, UT. Venue: Desert Star Theater. Link for Tickets: Buy Tickets

March 5th-6th: Cabo, Mexico. Venue: Cabo Villas Beach Resort

March 20th-21st--Domodossola, Italy. Venue: Teatro Galletti.
March 26th: Cavan, Ireland. Venue: McGinnity's Bar
March 27th: Longford, Ireland. Venue: Skelly's Bar
March 31st: Kendal, UK. Venue: Bootlegger's Bar
April 2nd: Hereford, UK. Venue: The Blue Room
April 5th: Pevensey Bay, UK. Venue: The Beach Tavern

May 7th: Vancouver, BC. Venue: Tom Lee Music Hall
May 8th: Portland, OR. Venue: The Old Church
May 22nd: Denver, CO. Venue: The King Center

January 15th: Brisbane, Australia.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where should we tour?

If you want us to tour to your hometown, here's an option:

We're putting something together with college and HS choir teachers around the world. If you know of any cool choir teachers for College or HS, please let us know who. If you can put in a good word for us with that choir teacher, it'll help. We'll perform in any town around the world if we can team up with one of the music/choir teachers in that town. If you need more info before you recommend your choir teacher, please feel free to ask. We recently had a choir join us on a couple of our shows and it really sounded amazing!

Thanks, as always for your help! We hope to tour to your city this time around!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Light of the Day Lyrics

I realize I should have these lyrics posted somewhere. I'll start by posting them here on my website and will see about adding them to some of the online databases. Please feel free to post these online on any lyric websites you want.

Light of the Day/Dark of the Night
Shaun Barrowes

Vs. 1
I jumped through all the shades of gray
No rainbows where my winds blow
My hand still holds the right to blame
The high road I crawl down

Oh—what’s the price you pay
For the all the ones you try
To save
Why walk the lonely road
Where all the heroes die
Before long

Vs. 2
With all the soles of shoes worn thin
Let’s stop this hot coals nonsense
I’m losing face with my own heart
How do I bring back the

Light of the day/Dark of the night
Light of the day/Dark of the night
Light of the day/Dark of the night
La da da da la da da da
La da da da

Chorus Repeated

Bridge Repeated

Last Chorus
Yeah—I’ve taken all the shots
I’ve given everything
I've got
Wait! I still have life to give
And that will set me free
In the end
The end—Oo

© 2008. Shaun Barrowes. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shadow Complex Theme Song

Hey, someone just made a YouTube video of my song: (This is the Theme song I wrote for the hit Video Game, Shadow Complex)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Check out my Brand New Single!!

Hey, I'm really excited about my brand new single, "Live or Die"! It's now available on and iTunes as well as many other online retailers. Click on one of these links to check out my song:

Shaun Barrowes - Live or Die - Single


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hammer Hands LIVE Playlist Concert Series!

Lounge Fly Entertainment presents:
The Hammer Hands LIVE Playlist Concert Series

When: Every Tuesday night from June 2nd-August 25th, 7:30-9:30pm
Where: Tahitian Noni Gardens
Address: 333 Riverpark Way, Provo, UT 84604
Admission: $5
Featuring: Four Amazing Singer-Songwriters every week!!

Here's the Lineup!

June 2nd:
1-Justin Williams
2-Jarrett Burns
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Debra Fotheringham

June 9th:
1-Annelise LeCheminant
2-Michael Wine
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Nicole Sheahan

June 16th:
1-Ryan Innes
2-April Meservy
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes

June 23rd:
1-Ru Ru
2-Jake Jacobson
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Mike Barclay

June 30th:
1-Crimson Soul
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Libbie Linton

July 7th:
2-Nela and Kalani (From Mana Poly All-Stars)
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Jamie and Coby (Hello Helicopter)

July 14th:
1-Stephanie Smith
2-Justin Williams
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Nathan Osmond

July 21st:
1-Debra Fotheringham
2-Ryan Innes
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Nicole Sheahan

July 28th:
2-Andy Shelton
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Jarrett Burns

August 4th:
1-Sam Payne
2-Libbie Linton
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Emily Hope Price

August 11th:
1-Debra Fotheringham
2-Cory Mon
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Stephanie Smith

August 18th:
1-Ryan Innes
2-Justin Williams
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes
4-Annelise LeCheminant

August 25th:
2-Nicole Sheahan
3-Shaun "Hammer Hands" Barrowes

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Theme song for Shadow Complex!!

I have TWO New songs up on iTunes now!

"Light of the Day/Dark of the Night"--Theme song for Shadow Complex. Shadow Complex is expected to be one of the big Video Games of the year. This is the song you hear when you beat the game--it's your reward for winning the game (so now you can all say you already beat the game)!

Shaun Barrowes - Light of the Day/dark of the Night

"American Believer"--This is a demo version of a brand new song.

Shaun Barrowes - American Believer

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who wants some Ice Cream...and Free Music??

Ok, so maybe not ice cream, but I'm giving away free music to those who sign up on my email list. Once you're on my email list you'll get...wait for it...that's right, MORE Free Music!! Yay!!

So please sign up on my email list if you want free music! The sign up box is ABOVE.

Also, find me on Twitter:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here's a Commercial Spot I did for Music Mogul

Here's a commercial spot I did for a new website:

"Music Mogul Commercial featuring Shaun Barrowes":