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Monday, February 11, 2008


Shaun Barrowes
Artist Profile

Shaun Barrowes is a skilled and polished musician, vocalist, and songwriter. His live shows have a jazz flare with an alternative rock flavor.

He wrote the theme song for Shadow Complex (top selling and award-winning video game of 2009), performed in a rock band in L.A., was nominated for the Hollywood Music Awards and an Independent Music Award, and he is touring the US and touring Europe, Mexico, Australia and Canada in 2010.

“I want people to realize that I'm a versatile songwriter, and that I'm very passionate about my music,” Barrowes said. “I'm not just a jazz singer, or a piano/rock artist. I'd compare my music to the light that's refracted through a prism. It comes out in a variety of patterns and colors, but all derives from the same prism and same light source.”

A recent review stated that Shaun Barrowes music “is clearly a nod to a rich musical past and an appreciation of its wide-screen cinema, [but his] pop leanings give the music a contemporary framework—the songs are both a longing glance backward and a running jump forward.”

Shaun always loved music. Barrowes started singing at age three, hammering the keys since six and with encouragement from his piano teacher, made the transition into composition at age 15. By 16 he cut his first record before recording a series of albums and demos. As his music progressed he was able to collaborate with some of the best musicians and music producers in the country. These musicians have artist credits such as Madonna, Michelle Branch, Destiny’s Child, Stacie Orrico, Joe Cocker, ZZ Top, and No Doubt.

Shaun is currently working on a couple projects to help motivate young artists and infuse a love for music and the arts. His hope is to give opportunities to these artists that would otherwise be barred from them.

The “Hammer Hands International Dance Competition” is a project Shaun is undertaking in 2010 to help young artists. Anyone ages 15-30 may submit YouTube videos of their dance. Five finalists will be chosen and given an all expense paid trip to shoot a professionally produced music video. They will be coached by finalists and choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars. In addition, finalists will have the opportunity to win a scholarship to Point Park University. This competition allows all dancers–especially ones in smaller areas who may not have access to the main dance competitions–to have an opportunity they would not otherwise have.

The other project for the 2010 year developed when Shaun noticed how most high school music and arts programs were struggling because of budget cuts. His solution is a traveling fundraising show that will perform with high school choirs and dancers. Half of all tickets sold by the high school goes directly to their arts program. When time and scheduling permits, Shaun is also offering to coach and share his experiences in the music world with the young artists. These examples are just a start of what Shaun hopes to do in fostering a love and appreciation for music in young artists.

Shaun was a finalist during Hollywood Week of American Idol Season Seven and won $30,000 for receiving most votes in a UK Music Contest, Slice the Pie.


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