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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ringtones for my new album, Big Bang Theory!

Send the song code as a text message to: 69937 (Myxer), and receive the free ringtone. (Example: send "371228" to the number 69937, for the ringtone for "Fade"). Here are the song codes:

1) Fade: 371228
2) Hop, Skip and a Jump: 371239
3) When I Take Your Hand: 373452
4) Like There's No More Love to Go Around: 373388
5) Separate Trains: 373421
6) In My Back Pocket: 373405
7) When I Need You the Most: 373459
8) I Love You Today: 373448
9) Somebody Like You: 373429
10) I Still Loved You: 373444
11) Never for My Sake: 373396
12) Outro: 373400

I tried it out on someone else's phone and they all worked. So hopefully, you don't have any problems downloaded the ringtones. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Mrsfroberg said...

Does it matter what provider you have? I use Verizon and I've tried 4 songs, and none of them work! :(