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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Make money off of my Music!!

Purchase a Backstage Pass at Slice the Pie (click on the picture above), for $10, and you get a digital copy of the album (which costs $10) and will be investing in my album sales. So you'll be making money off of my music! Now, you can get a "Slice of the Pie"!!

Here's how you do it:
Go to the "Financing" tab, after you've signed in or registered. You'll see a big section on the right that says "Buy a Backstage Pass". Go through the steps to buy one of mine, after which you'll have the option of buying 5 contracts (which costs an addition $1), and that's how you invest in my album. You can read up on all the details to see how much you'll be making, and how to trade to make more, etc. If you have questions, there's a forum where you can ask it and receive a lot more information than I can give you. But you can also ask me if you'd like.

Take advantage and help yourself to a slice the of the pie!!

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