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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Wedding Songs


I'm excited to say, "When I Take Your Hand", is quickly becoming one of the more popular wedding songs across the globe. Here's an idea of some of the recognition is has already received:

-Many in the music industry have already deemed it a classic and look forward to hearing it sung in various languages.
-Celine Dion once said it made her want to renew her wedding vows.
-There are currently over a dozen other professional singers performing it in their LIVE concerts.
-It recently won International songwriting contest, "Song of the Year".
-Many have already used this song as their first dance song for their own weddings, and many others have mentioned hearing this at someone else's wedding.

All these things have happened over the last two years, and I look forward to watching it continually spread and become more well-known. It's quite an honor to see people use this song for such a special occasion as the First Dance of their very own wedding!

There's another song of mine that I hope will also reach a similar level of success. A new song of mine, called, "You're All My Reasons". It could also become one of the popular wedding songs performed by DJ's and Cover bands alike. It has already been nominated for a Hollywood Music Award and is beginning to receive recognition from various filmmakers. But only time will tell if this song has the potential to become a "classic".

What do you think? Which song do you like better?

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