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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Light of the Day Lyrics

I realize I should have these lyrics posted somewhere. I'll start by posting them here on my website and will see about adding them to some of the online databases. Please feel free to post these online on any lyric websites you want.

Light of the Day/Dark of the Night
Shaun Barrowes

Vs. 1
I jumped through all the shades of gray
No rainbows where my winds blow
My hand still holds the right to blame
The high road I crawl down

Oh—what’s the price you pay
For the all the ones you try
To save
Why walk the lonely road
Where all the heroes die
Before long

Vs. 2
With all the soles of shoes worn thin
Let’s stop this hot coals nonsense
I’m losing face with my own heart
How do I bring back the

Light of the day/Dark of the night
Light of the day/Dark of the night
Light of the day/Dark of the night
La da da da la da da da
La da da da

Chorus Repeated

Bridge Repeated

Last Chorus
Yeah—I’ve taken all the shots
I’ve given everything
I've got
Wait! I still have life to give
And that will set me free
In the end
The end—Oo

© 2008. Shaun Barrowes. All Rights Reserved.


Jeust said...

Great song!

With awesome lyrics :)

I bought it from itunes.

keep it up...


Lydia said...

I absolutely love this song (and the game you wrote it for), bought it off Amazon immediately after beating Shadow Complex.

Thanks for posting the lyrics.

TOMO said...

Great game, great song :) greetz from Poland

Justin said...

Nice and very enjoyable song. Thanks for the lyrics. Great job done dude. Keep it up.

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