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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lead Singers wanted for major International Tour

Shaun Barrowes from Fox TV’s American Idol, and Stephanie Castagnier from NBC’s The Apprentice are searching for the best singers to put on tour. They have established The Live for Music Tour, and they’re overbooked. Shaun Barrowes is personally headlining 80 concerts, with an average sized audience of 1,000 people. Now he’s looking for singers with star quality to headline 10-40 concerts (depends on your level of expertise). This would put you directly in front of 10,000-40,000 people, most of whom are high school students. You will also be supporting a great cause, as these concerts benefit Child Cause (Child Cause raises teen drug awareness by inspiring through the arts).

As part of the Live for Music Tour, you will be performing with the high school’s choir, jazz band, drum line, orchestra and Dance Company. These school music groups will accompany you in a major concert production that will be televised and broadcast internationally.

All expenses for the tour will be covered by Live for Music. You will also be compensated for every concert. These are PAYING gigs. Pay is TBA. The tour starts FALL of 2011.

The goal is to make you famous in each of these cities, so we can make sure these concerts are a BIG deal to the school and the community. We’re looking for singers we can turn into celebrities. We have a couple of TV shows we’re producing to help with this, as well as major publicity campaigns that we launch in each of these cities.

Instructions for submitting:
To submit for this listing, we need you to record and post a YouTube video of your performance to one of Shaun Barrowes’ original songs. You can find free minus tracks and lyrics on his ReverbNation page. If you would like a lead sheet for any of the songs, please email us and we’ll send that to you, also for free. Your video should be titled: “(Your Name) auditions for Live for Music”. In the description, you should include the name of the song and the artist (Shaun Barrowes). In order to qualify for this tour, your YouTube video needs to reach 1,000 views (this is so we know you're a SERIOUS artist!). This WILL NOT be a competition to see who gets the most views. Once you receive 1,000 views, your video will be judged fairly with all of the others.

This submission is open to ALL Ages. Your YouTube video must have at least 1000 views and it must be a video of the artist's performance to one of Shaun Barrowes original songs. Artists can submit as many videos as they want. Artists can interpret Shaun Barrowes music however they want, and produce any version or rendition of these songs for their video audition.

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Please email us if you have any questions:
You can also visit the website for more information: and

You can also submit via Sonicbids:



Becca said...

Hi Shaun!
I covered your concert at Arundel High in MD for
Here is the article and photos:
It was an awesome show!
Rebecca Cleary

Marie said...

My name is KyanaMarie and I have posted my video for this audition on you tube, but am also very new to posting anything on there I already have a lot of views on my audition but my question is how will you know when it reaches 1,000 views and how will we find out that yes our video has been judged and if we got the job or not? this is a very good cause and I support it fully this is why I ask because I want to make sure I know all the rules and things so i can have a fair shot of even being judged.should I be posting this audition somewhere else and when will you be doing the judging? I see that the cut off date is Jan. but is that also when our videos must reach 1,000 views?