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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Search for young singers, dancers and musicians to feature as soloists!

The Live for Music Tour would like to find exceptional soloists for our high school concerts. We're looking for singers, dancers and musicians under the age of 18. For information on the Live for Music Tour, please visit our website.

We're looking for soloists to feature in our concerts, and we're still booking all the upcoming high school shows. We started a YouTube contest between schools simply because we were receiving too much demand and had to figure out a way to select the schools we visit. So here's what you could do to be a part of Live for Music:

1-Send us a YouTube video of you performing one of Shaun Barrowes' original songs. You'll find some of the other audition videos here.

2-Help one of your local high schools win a Live for Music Concert. Show this website to one of the teachers at the school (they can be in charge of any music ensemble at the school--choir, glee, drumline, jazz band, dance, etc.) and help them put together winning videos for the contest.

If you help your own high school win, you'll definitely have the chance to be featured as a soloist. Otherwise, you can take your chances and hope we book a school close to you. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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