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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sail Away, Soldier LYRICS

Sail Away, Soldier
Written by: Shaun Barrowes, Maddie Wilson

Vs. 1
I picture you in your stripes
You’re looking might strong
Remember back on simpler days
We were jumping in the pond
And I was having trouble swimming
Back to higher ground
You rescued me without a thought
Now I’m safe and sound

Chorus 1
Sail away soldier
Never forget
The stories I told you
On the swing set
We were just kids then
So many hours ago
So sail away soldier
Just find your way home

Vs. 2
I fought you back in grade school
For the cutest girl in town
She’s standing by your side now
And she’s right where she belongs
I recall our wilder days
When we would scale the hardest climb
You’ll always be the fearless leader
In my eyes

Sail away soldier
Never forget
I’m always behind you
I follow your steps
We’re all so amazed by
The courage you’ve shown
So sail away soldier
Find your way

Home is where
Your heart will stay
With friends and family
Holding on
All our prayers
We send your way
Even now,
As you’re sailing on

Chorus 3
Sail away soldier
There’s no easy goodbye
Just think of the sun, it’s
The same on our side
When the night falls, just
Look to the stars
We’re under the same sky
And God’s never far

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Justin D. Badger said...

Any word on when this song will appear in the Coca Cola commercial?