Live for Music TV Series

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PAID Gig! Audition for Live for Music TV!

PAID gig: $500 plus exposure to hundreds of thousands.
We're casting singers, rappers, dancers and models to star in our series, Live for Music TV SEASON TWO.

Audition rules and details:
1-You can submit any YouTube video that showcases your talent (cover song or original), but we prefer a RECENT video that you've filmed within the last year.
2-Title your audition video, "My audition for Live for Music TV"
3-Add this line as the first sentence of your video description: "My audition for Live for Music TV ("
4-Submit your audition as a Video Response to this YouTube Video

Those are the only rules. There is no cost, and you can submit any video you want, and as many videos as you want.

PS. If you support music education: All download sales of this new single, "Live for Music" are donated to the cause! Please buy the song on iTunes
to show your support for struggling music and arts programs.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Scott Holmes


Ashley said...

What is the date they have to be submitted by?

The Hursts said...

Shaun Barrowes,
We love the series, love your music.. keep doing what you do!

The Hursts

themusicbed said...

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